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Please Fill out the form below with any Questions or Comments. If you prefer to call our Toll free number is listed below.


Supplier Inquiries:
The most important aspect of our business is providing our customers with high-quality merchandise at the best possible value. Our buyers and merchandisers have spent over a decade building a worldwide supplier base whose commitment to excellence is consistent with our own. Essentialpreps goal is to maintain lasting vendor relationships, surpassing our customer’s expectations while allowing our company and its partners to prosper.

The foundation of our vendor partnerships is a spirit of cooperation. As we continue to grow, we rely on our suppliers to grow with us. We work very closely with our vendor companies to orchestrate the efficient flow of merchandise and to expedite prompt distribution. When evaluating a potential supplier, we carefully define the needs and expectations of both parties. We’ve implemented a set of standards to help make the overall process – from your warehouse to our customer’s door – as efficient and punctual as possible. Supplier compliance is vital to our mutual success.

We’re constantly on the lookout for product exclusives that our customers will associate with the Essentialpreps name. And when we can’t find exactly what we’re looking for, we develop it ourselves. We encourage both existing and potential suppliers to approach us with ideas and products that warrant our customers’ attention. If we like what we see, we’ll work hand-in-hand with them to develop customized options that suit the customers we serve. Our suppliers’ manufacturing expertise is invaluable to us in creating private labels, Essentialpreps exclusives, and proprietary product lines. A secure and confidential relationship reaps rewards for both companies.

Throughout the year, many fine companies contact us with exciting products to consider for inclusion in the Essentialpreps catalog. In order for us to fairly evaluate each new opportunity, we ask that you submit your product information Via Email to or in writing on your organization’s letterhead, along with any brochures or relevant printed information that may clarify the features and benefits of your offering. Your information will be forwarded to the buyer for the appropriate category. If your products meet our current merchandising needs and standards of quality, we’ll contact you to discuss further business opportunities.
Please send your request and materials to the following address:
Essentialpreps – New Vendor Inquiry
Merchandising Department
P.O. Box 33161
Ricerside, CA. 92519-0161

Reporting Technical Issues with our site.
Here at, we want to make your online experience as pleasant as possible. If you are experiencing problems using the Web site, please contact us by sending an email to Be sure to include the following information in the text of your email:
Date and approximate time you experienced the problem
Type and version of web browser you’re using (i.e., Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0, Firefox 4.0 etc.)
The error message you received (note: it’s best to copy and paste this text verbatim from the error page)

Fill out the form below, We take extra time to answer nearly every email we receive from our online customers, and we will do our very best to answer your questions in a timely manner.

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