Choosing the Best Bug Out Bag Backpack

By on September 17, 2014
choosing the best bug out bag backpack

When you’re putting together a seventy-two hour emergency kit, it’s important to choose a high quality bug out bag backpack. You’re essentially asking your backpack to help you survive during an emergency, and it’s important to make sure the backpack is up to the task.

The first thing to consider is size. You’ll want a pack that you can realistically carry when full, but has plenty of storage space. The best backpacks have extra compartments for holding a sleeping bag and smaller pockets for items you need to get to quickly. It’s also helpful if there are places where you can clip emergency equipment to the outside of the pack. This eliminates the need to empty the entire backpack when you need to get to an item.

Choose a bag that’s lightweight, but sturdy. Getting a bug out bag backpack that has an interior aluminum frame will guarantee that it will be sturdy and that the weight will be distributed evenly across your body.  A pack that feels lightweight at first can feel much heavier after hours of walking. You’ll want to be as comfortable as possible. So in addition to a sturdy frame, look for padded shoulder straps that are wide and that distribute weight across your shoulders.

It’s important that the bug out bag backpack have a strap around the waist that can secure the pack to your body and shift some weight to your lower body. Make sure the straps fit comfortably around your waist and are adjustable. Many backpacks are water resistant and come with rain covers to protect them. A rain cover may not seem essential, but it can protect your valuable items and keep you alive.

When it comes to your budget, there’s a wide range of prices for bug out bag backpacks. You’ll want to purchase the highest quality pack you can afford. If money is tight, it’s best to get an economical backpack to start with and then save up for a better one.

Many backpacks have the added feature of being compatible with a hydration system. This feature is incredibly important when you’re working to get enough water during a disaster. This feature can help you to stay hydrated without having to dig out water bottles. You’ll have a container inside the pack that holds water with a long tube that works like a straw with a valve on the end. This allows you to drink water while walking and keeping your hands free.

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