Build an Emergency Kit

By on October 17, 2014
building an emergency kit

What we call emergencies are in reality events that occur when we are unprepared. This makes it important to have emergency essentials nearby at all times.  Most people rarely see the need for emergency essentials. Only when the worst happens, do they realize they could have been better prepared.  The world is a beautiful place, but when the inevitable happens, it can be dreadful. Think of a tsunami, a terrorist attack or an earthquake-these events never knock on your door and wait till you open! It is mandatory for all humans to have a kit filled with emergency essentials and if you don’t have one build an emergency kit today.

Here is how to build your own emergency kit;

store1. In any emergency, food is usually scarce. This is why the first thing on your emergency essentials list must be food-the type that won’t go bad fast. The best foods to pack are canned and healthy snacks like granola bars and biscuits. Avoid stuff that must be cooked before consumption because in an emergency, fuel is not readily available. Don’t forget to pack water too! Remember to replace everything after six months so it doesn’t go bad and is rendered useless during the actual emergency.

2. Once you’ve carefully considered the food to get you through an emergency, the next important thing is first aid. A complete first aid kit contains bandages, a pain relief regimen, aspirin, cotton wool, scissors, gauze and disinfectant among others. It is only with a first aid kit that you can take the initial steps to fight diseases and infections that may come with emergency situations.

3. The next thing to check off on your list of emergency essentials is warmth. Most people just pack food and a first aid kit, and consider themselves ready for any emergency. Blankets are among emergency essentials that many don’t consider until they are freezing in the cold.

4. Flashlights, batteries and a GPS device or mobile phone can be very useful in an emergency. You will need light and a GPS will give your location in case you are lost.

emergency kit

With our busy lifestyles, it can be very difficult to gather these items and  build an emergency kit with all the emergency essentials you need. This shouldn’t make you fret as you can buy a pre-made emergency kit. It will be professionally put together and there will be little you have to worry about if an emergency strikes.

However, this doesn’t give you leeway to be complacent. It is important to check that every little thing you might need during an emergency is included in the kit. If at one point, your situation changes (e.g. you get a newborn in the family), make sure you update the kit to include items needed for a newborn.

Those who prepare for emergency are not pessimists as many would like to think. They are just aware that life brings great uncertainty and they are ready for whatever might happen wherever and whenever. These tips will help you join the class of people that are a step ahead of emergencies and bring more peace to your life

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