Collecting Bug Out Bag Essentials

By on September 24, 2014
Collecting Bug Out Bag Essentials

When you prepare for an emergency, it’s important to collect bug out bag essentials that keep you safe during an evacuation. A bug out bag is simply a kit that can help you survive for roughly three days during a disaster.

There are many items that you’ll need to create a functional bug out bag. First, you’ll want a heavy duty backpack. The best backpacks for bug out bags have metal frames to help weight be distributed evenly across your body. This makes it easier for you to carry your bag for long distances if necessary. These backpacks also have a lot of space where you can store items that you need to have with you in an emergency.

Another essential item includes a first aid kit. You’ll need to have a kit that includes bandages, scissors, external medications, instant cold packs, fever reducers, stomach medicine and antiseptic. You’ll also need to include a three day supply of any prescription medicines you take.

If you have children, you’ll want to have children’s formulas as well. You don’t want your first aid kit to take up all the room in your pack, so make sure you have everything in a compact form. You should also include toiletries and hygiene items.

Food is another essential item for your bug out bag. You’ll need a three day supply of food that you can eat without cooking. You may want to add gel fuel for warming up foods such as soups, but that’s not necessary.

Good foods for bug out bags include protein bars, trail mix, Meals Ready to Eat, canned meats, and soups. You may want high sugar items, such as hard candy, to give you energy fast. If you have canned foods, make sure you have a manual can opener with you.
In addition to food, it’s important to have a three day supply of water. In general you’ll need 4 liters of water per person for three days. Keep the water in small containers to distribute the weight evenly.

You’ll need clothing and bedding to stay warm and dry. It’s a good idea to have a plastic sheet or tarp to protect you from moisture. It’s also a good idea to have a tent and an extra tarp to create shelter if

It’s useful to have equipment, such as an emergency radio, knife, rope, duct tape, axe, shovel, and pen and paper. These items can become invaluable during a disaster.
Finally, make sure you have cash and copies of important personal documents such as IDs, car titles, home deeds, wills, marriage certificates, and birth certificates. You’ll want to keep documents in a waterproof container to keep them safe from harm.

When you have bug out bag essentials in your home, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be ready for any emergency.


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