Con Trails, Chem Trails and Vegetables – Prepping for the effects

By on October 10, 2013
Chemtrail Barrels


I was outside watering my garden the other day and I happened to  notice a long white streak in the sky coming out the back of an airplane.  I’m sure everyone has seen these before but have you really researched what they are?

There are Two possibilities of what they could be.  The First is a Contrail (Condensation Trail).   A Contrail is made when a jet is flying at a high altitude, the vapor from the Jet engines exhaust contains water vapors and is turned into a cloud because the temperature is so cold that it freezes the water vapors instantly.  Depending on the temperature the streaks can linger for a few minutes to a few hours.  However there are other opinions on what these white streaks could be.  Chem Trails (Chemical Trails):  I am no expert on this subject but I have done some research and here is what I’ve come up with.  Below are a few of the popular theories on what a chem trail is.

Solar Radiation Management -The idea here is that the chem trail would contain hydrogen sulfide, or sulfur dioxide, which would reflect the sunlight and help reduce global warming.

Psychological Manipulation – Some Believe that there is secret testing using chemicals such as LSD to alter the thoughts and behaviors of the people below.

Human Population control – The theory here is that the government is filling the air with chemicals that either make us less sexually active or decrease our fertility rate.  Based on all the Prime time TV shows I doubt this is the case.

Biological or Chemical Warfare –  This Theory implies that the Military is testing biological or chemical weapons.

Waste Disposal –  Big companies and Government are disposing of their chemical waste high up in the sky with the theory being that it will be absorbed into the atmosphere and never reach the ground.  (I think this could be a possibility)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Weather Modification

Out of all the other theories, this one makes the most sense to me.  Many of you have heard of a company called Monsanto.  For those of you that haven’t here is what they do in a nutshell.  They are most famous for developing the chemical “Round up” which is a strong weed killer that has been shown to cause cancer and other disease in rats.  They also have a team of scientists that are dedicated to making the “perfect plants” by genetically modifying the seeds.  As an example,  They have modified a corn seed to include pesticides that either kill or prevent the common insects and pests from destroying the crop.

Unlike traditional pesticide methods where they spray the chemicals on the crops to kill the bugs, this corn has actually been engineered to have the pesticide incorporated into the plants DNA,  so no matter how much you wash your food, when you eat this corn you are still eating pesticides.

Yeah – Yeah, So what does all this have to do with Weather Modification anyways?  Monsanto has also developed a seed that is Drought tolerant and by modifying the weather they can sell more of their seeds to farmers since large scale water usage will be an issue.

A Study was performed using the Monsanto Genetically Engineered Corn on Rats.  The rats fed the Monsanto corn developed  tumors and other disease such as kidney and liver failure while the rats fed organic corn were perfectly healthy.  Looking at it from this perspective I’d say that this is another case of Big Business having its way with the American Government and its people. I am no expert on this subject but I have done a bit of research and based on that, I do believe that we should be preparing for a day when the organic vegetables will no longer be sold at your local grocery store of they are they will be so highly priced that only the rich will be able to afford them.

I suggest buying a Survival Seed Kit of organic veggies  not only to be prepared for that day but to also have the capability to grow your own food  organically so your family wont be subjected to these modified seeds.  Click one of the pictures below to be taken to our store and see the seed kits we have available.

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