What Is The Most Credible Survival Blog To Follow?

By on January 31, 2014

Here Are Our Top 10 Choices

The core idea of survival training is to initially become familiar with the right things to do as you’re in the midst of a crisis situation or somewhere out in the wilderness, and then to apply it. Though you probably don’t expect to get lost by yourself or with friends/family at a certain point, you have to be aware that it could happen. Survivalism is all about staying in a prepared state of mind in case things which are not expected occur, and you can learn a lot from a good survival blog.

Regardless of whether you get lost somewhere far off in the wilderness or you’re stuck in the middle of a natural disaster, your survival instinct will probably remain the same. The reason why is because in all those instances you’ll have to rely upon your skills to make it.

Right now you can read lots of books, magazines and websites, but unless you’re prepared and know exactly what you’re doing, you don’t stand a chance. Make sure you pay close attention as you read your favorite survival blog as there’s a chance it resonates with you deeply and can bring plenty of useful information to the table for you.

You will notice that the best survival blog actually practices what it preaches, and so we’ve compiled a list of 10 worthy modern survival blogs you should make sure to follow on a regular basis.

1. Suburban Survival Blog: This is one of the best survival blogs out there because it frequently publishes new amazing articles which not only help you think and plan about difference scenarios, but weed out the unnecessary information.

You’ll notice that the author of this blog tends to point readers to the right direction and discusses the different steps you need to take for preparation in great detail.

2. Surviving in Argentina: This blog is authored by an Argentinean survivalist called Fernando Ferfal Aguiree, also the author of a bestseller book called “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse”.

He uses the blog to write different follow ups for his book and he is rare in the sense that he actually had to live through situations in modern survivalism.

When it comes to preparing yourself and your family, you should certainly give his book a shot because his advice has already proven effective multiple times over.

3. Bug Out Survival: This blog’s author name is Scott, and even though he is not a frequent posted in the sense that he will not update his site frequently – when he does, it’s top notch.

Scott has lots of experience in survivalism being that he’s spent lots of time outdoors and as a sailor. He also provides a very distinguishable and analytical look at different survivalim problems.

Some of his views are outlined in his book called “Bug Out: The Complete Plan for Escaping a Catastrophic Disaster Before It’s Too Late”.

4. Tactical Intelligence: After spending a few minutes navigating this website, you’ll notice just how much valuable information it contains as far as preparedness.

Erich (the author of Tactical Intelligence) has a Prepper Academy as well and you’ll love it because he actually practices what he preaches. You’ll notice how prepared he is for every situation and how you can do the same.

5. The Survival Blog: The Survival Blog by Jim Rawles is among most people’s favorites as he writes lots of things which will make you think, and so do his readers which you’ll see through their contributions.

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6. SouthernPrepper1: This isn’t exactly a blog that is updated frequently or simply a regular website, as his YouTube channel is probably the best in terms of survivalism.

He doesn’t just talk about the subject, he lives it entirely. You might want to take some of your time and visit his channel as you’ll find lots of interesting information and points of view out there by someone who knows what the deal is.

7. The Survival Mom: This is an amazing resource for a family to use as Lisa is the epitome of a well prepared modern survivalist.

As soon as you bring up survivalism the first thing that probably goes through your head is men with guns somewhere far off from civilization, but Lisa actually provides lots of amazing ideas for prepping which are easy to implement.

8. TEOTWAWKI Blog: This blog is updated a couple of times every week and they provide some ideas as far as gear as well as review different survivalism books.

There are lots of questions which you’ll normally want to ask as you’re getting started, and they have a really good outline for the important ones.

9. Modern Survival Online Rourke: This website is an interesting mix of posts that include non-fiction, survivalism news, gear reviews, etc.

One of the best things about this website is their Survival Database Downloads which is located in the right side of their navigation. Their survivalism database is a source of reliable information which Rourke has been putting together for years.

10. SHTF Blog: This blog is updated a lot and you might have a hard time keeping up. It provides some amazing reads by actual survivors.

If you feel unprepared for any crisis which might occur and you don’t take the time to learn the appropriate survivalism skills, your ignorance might lead to you becoming a victim. That would be a shame as survival training is so easy to come by.

The survival skills you pick up will eventually become a natural part of your identity, and in order for you to be able to get through anything life throws your way – you’ll need to develop the ability to act instantly.


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