Five Must Haves in Your Emergency Medicine Kit

By on April 5, 2014
emergency medicine

We can’t avert emergencies but we can surely prepare for them. Experts in emergency preparedness insist that we must carry emergency medicine in our first aid kits. What they forget to tell us though, is exactly which drugs to carry for which condition?

Here is a list of five medicines you must have with you in case emergency strikes:

The drugs to carry depend on the emergency but since it is difficult to know exactly what to expect, it is better to be ready for anything.

Painkillers like aspirin and ibuprofen are totally useful in emergency cases. In an emergency, pain is inevitable and even when medical workers are not close by, you can turn to your emergency medicine to save you the agony. It is indeed very thoughtful to have such pain relief medicine at all times. You can have some in your wallet, inside your office drawer and some at home. This can make all the difference in an emergency.

In an emergency, the most vulnerable people are those with pre-existing conditions like asthma. This is why sabultamol is the next most important emergency medicine for you. Even if nobody in your family has asthma, there can be situations where choking, wheezing and anaphylaxis occur. All these breathing problems are so easily handled by good old sabultamol but they can be fatal if you don’t have any with you when disaster strikes.

There are many ways in which an emergency may occur. In many emergencies, people are left in dire need for adrenaline. You might not expect it but adrenaline is indeed one of the most essential emergency medicines you will ever need. You might get a panic attack when emergency strikes and a shot of adrenaline might just be what you need to save yourself. Pack some in your emergency kit and you will be safe when the inevitable comes.

The Holy grail of emergency medicine is actually potassium iodade which we sell. This is the protection you get in case of a nuclear fallout. This is because it treats any internal radiation contamination. Many people never know what they would do if a nuclear disaster occurred today. Potassium iodade is in fact their most important companion. This medicine is a stable salt of non radioactive iodine that can protect you from the radioactive ones. This medicine must only be used after careful consultation with emergency physicians.

You might not consider glucose medicine but it definitely has a place in my list of five emergency medicines you must have. It helps diabetics keep their conditions in check and might help you out also if your blood sugar suddenly declines when emergency strikes. For hypoglycemia, oral glucose comes in handy to prevent seizures.

This is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the emergency drugs you must have. If there are any medical conditions among your family members, make sure you have a pack of the medicines they need in your emergency kit. This is not only thoughtful but it could also save their lives should disaster strike. Prepare yourself and save your skin should emergency occur-it is worth it!

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