Food Supplies you should consider when prepping

By on September 11, 2014


Maybe you have endured a snow storm that knocked out the power and left you stranded for a few weeks. Maybe you have been through a hurricane that caused havoc in the area you live in and supermarkets were emptied in matter of hours. Disasters like these are only a couple examples of the reasons you should take the time to prepare and have the supplies you’ll need to make such times bearable.

Before You Start Buying Extra Supplies:

Choose an area in your home, garage or basement for storing your emergency supplies. An extra closet in the house is a good place to start your store as well. In this way, you have fewer chances of getting into them or the kids getting into them before an actual disaster occurs. Make sure the area you choose is dry and cool in addition to being animal and pest proof.

The Necessities:
Making a list of basic items you need to survive is a good way to keep you from buying a bunch of things you will never use. Canned foods and bottled water should be at the top of this list. Make sure to include foods like canned meats, because of the high protein meats can provide. Canned fish, like sardines and salmon, make excellent choices as well. Dry goods, like beans and rice, are also great choices, but always keep in mind you will have limited cooking power in the event a disaster takes out the power. Cooking dry beans in a slow cooker may be impossible, so choosing canned beans is best. Rice does not take long to cook, so stocking up on that is a good idea. Be sure to store dry rice in sealed containers to ensure it stays fresh.

Canning Your Foods:
Many people still can their own foods, and while this is an excellent way to ensure the best taste and freshness, you should make sure you know exactly what you are doing before canning. If you are new to food processing for canning, making sure you do so in the right manner is extremely important to avoid food poisoning. If you know someone that has canning experience, take the time to learn the proper procedures from them. One important aspect of canning food is learning how long it will stay safe enough to eat. Keep in mind that manufacturers add additives and preservatives to canned foods in grocery stores to give them longer shelf lives.


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