How To Be Prepared For Looting During Disasters

By on October 9, 2014
be prepared for looting

Unfortunately, during times of chaos, there are people who take advantage of others, especially those who have made preparations for emergencies. Making certain you and your family know how to be prepared for looting during these times is one of the important aspects of prepping.

Follow these tips to ensure safety during a time when lawlessness might be “mainstream” and society is out of control.

Keep It to Yourself:house in the snow

Not telling your friends and neighbors about your emergency storage is the best way to ensure they do not come get it during a disaster, or emergency. You may think your best friend would not harm you, but when that person is starving, cold and terrified, anything can happen. Unless you have included meals and preparation in your storage for that extra person, you should never speak a word of it to them. Doing so could put you and your family at risk in the event a “rule without law” situation presents itself and people are running amuck searching for food and shelter. Think of people in your area that are not prepared for an emergency, and how many of those people may come knocking at your door wanting to know how much food you have.

Have a Plan in Place With Every Risk Covered:

The first thing to do when making a security plan is to never plan to be a hero. Taking your time to assess every circumstance that could possibly occur during a time when dialing 911 becomes a necessity. Sit down and discuss with your family how to be prepared for looting in the event someone is trying to break into your home. Remember that during a time when looting is out of control, the person coming to your home will likely be armed and starving. Hunger can make someone do things they would have never dreamed of, so taking that into consideration is vital to you and your family remaining safe and secure at all times.

Arm Yourself:  arm yourself

If you do not own a weapon, get one. If you are not proficient using a gun, start learning today. Knowing how to shoot and reload a gun may be the only thing that stands between you and your family’s survival in a time when someone is outside your door wanting to come in and forcefully take your food. Your purchase of a weapon needs to include courses for learning how to use it, and how to do so in a situation that would require you to act fast. Practice is essential to being able to quickly load and reload your gun. Learning how to clean your weapon is vital as well. When stocking emergency supplies, make sure you add ammunition and weapon cleaning items to your stock.

While thinking about these kinds of issues can be frightening, making a real plan to be prepared for looting is the best way to ensure you and yours make it through any disaster without serious incident. Today is a frightening time, and at any time, economic collapse could cause chaotic “rule without law” society. Take the time to learn everything you can about how to defend your home and family in the event it happens.

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