Should I Purchase A Bug Out Bag

By on November 19, 2014
should i purchase a bug out bag kit

dark cloudy dayYou may be asking yourself “Should I purchase a bug out bag” If you’re interested in surviving an evacuation, having a bug out bag kit can help. While some people prefer to collect their own items, a kit can get you what you need all at once, for a reasonable price.

Many bug out bag kits include first aid kits, food supplies, and other essential equipment. All the items are packed in a watertight backpack that you can quickly grab in an emergency.

Some kits are designed for a specific type of emergency. For example, there are kits designed for earthquakes and hurricanes. If you live in an area where these disasters are likely, you can get a bug out back tailored to your needs.

Some kits include protection from the elements, flashlights, heavy duty gloves, glow sticks, a compass, and blankets. This can be the perfect way to get started with your survival equipment; however, you’ll find that with any kit you also need to add some of your own items. For example, a bug out bag kit may include food, but you’ll need to add your own water supply. You’ll also need to add your own clothing, prescription medications, and entertainment related items to help you pass the time. It may also be a good idea to add a sleeping bag.

You’ll also want to add an emergency radio, and any personal, legal documents that can’t be purchased in aflashlight kit. You may also need to add supplies for children, such as diapers, formula, comfort items, and toys.

Even though there’s no one kit that can meet all of your needs, purchasing a bug out bag kit is an excellent idea to ensure you have a basic set of essentials in the event of an emergency. For many people the idea of gathering many items for a seventy-two hour emergency kit is overwhelming, but when you purchase a kit, you get most of the items you need and only have to add a few items on your own. It may actually cost you less money to purchase a kit than it would to purchase items individually and create your own kit. And when you purchase a kit, most items are designed to have a long shelf-life making them a good value. If you’re more leaning towards buying a kit instead of collecting individual items, do it. Even a brought kit will get you one step closer to being prepared for an emergency.

In a disaster, you can’t count on anyone else to take care of your basic needs. Having a good basic bug out bag kit can help you to be prepared for a disaster that requires you to leave your home.

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