The Survival Bracelet – The Best Friend You Didn’t Know You Had!

By on April 28, 2014

If you could only take one piece of survival gear into the wilderness with you, what would it be? Your trusty knife? That would be a solid, sensible choice, absolutely. A compass, perhaps? A canteen? Water purification tablets? Something else? Seriously, give the matter a few moments thought. What about a survival bracelet?

You might get more than a few crossways glances if you picked the lowly survival bracelet as your choice for that “one thing” to take with you into the wilds, but is it such a silly choice? Given its sheer versatility, perhaps not.

Consider just a few things below that you could do with it:

1) Create a Gill Net or Fishing Line.

When you’re in the wilderness, finding enough to eat is always of paramount importance. How wonderful to have everything you need to catch your food, sitting right on your wrist!

2) Setting Traps and Snares for Small Game Again with food.

Having multiple means of catching food greatly improves your chances of survival, and once more, your trusty survival bracelet comes to your rescue. Disassembled, there’s more than enough to work with to create a small snare or two, and doing so can mean the difference between dinner tonight and an empty belly!

3) Cooking.

Yes, cooking! If you have no matches, and you’ve caught something in your gill net or little snare, you can then re-purpose your handy survival bracelet to create a bow drill, start a fire, and have a hot meal!

4) Emergency Clothing Repair.

There are some things you just can’t do without in the wilds. If you’ve got miles to hike, you need your shoe or boot laces. If one breaks, you’re going to get slowed down. Same thing if your belt should break. In either case, you can use your survival bracelet to stand in for laces, belts, or even suspenders if that’s your thing. In any case, it can be surprisingly valuable!

5) Trail Marker.

Use little bits of your bracelet to make a trail for others to follow, or to make it easier for you to retrace your steps!

6) Floss Daily!

Even small infections can be lethal in the wild, and a single strand plucked from your bracelet makes adequate dental floss…one less thing to worry about!

If you only take one thing away from the articles you read on this site, take this: Your ultimate success or failure in any survival situation is going to depend on how adept you are at exploiting even tiny advantages, and turning them into something greater. There’s no greater example I can think of, no better case in point than taking something as mundane as a bracelet (granted, a bracelet designed with survival specifically in mind), and being able to first use it to catch dinner, then use it to build a fire to cook dinner, then use it to floss after dinner, then use it to build a shelter after dinner (yes, that’s yet another use!).

All that, from the humble little survival bracelet, and learning how to do that with every tool at your disposal, that is the very essence of survival.

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