Have a Survival Guide for Emergency Preparedness

By on April 7, 2014
emergency preparedness

Individuals who experience a power outage needs to be prepared to ensure their home will remain safe and comfortable. Preparedness for any emergencies that can occur when power goes out will require a survival guide. One important aspect to keep in mind is many people who live in urban areas will often lack any type of generator to use for emergency power.

Use Your Car

A homeowner who is in a pinch can easily turn their car or truck into a generator. This requires the use of a DC to AC power inverter. This enables a homeowner to supply power to any electrical gadget that requires low power. This include a laptop or a tablet. The cost of a standard inverter is about $30. However, a larger models are available to power appliances and space heaters.

Use LED Lights

The use of LED lights in a home will use less power than standard incandescent lights. LED lights can also be used in many types of lanterns and flashlights. These use less power and will often increase the lifespan of batteries. This will often be between six and ten times. Another option is to use a variety of puck lights in kitchens and bathrooms.

Have Water Available

One of the best tips for preparedness during a power outage is to have water available. Many homes in rural areas have a pump that runs on electricity. If a generator is not available for a home, then water is a necessity. One option is to fill jugs that can be used for flushing toilets and drinking. Another idea for a homeowner is to fill the tub with water. This will provide a source of water for a few days.

Fill Propane Tanks

Propane tanks that are used for grills can easily be used for other purposes. However, they will need to be full or they will be of no use. A fill propane tank means food can be cooked for eating. Another way to use a propane tank is to use a heater attachment. These offer a great way to supply heat as long as any area to use the heater has proper ventilation.

Have Ice Handy

A power outage that is caused by severe weather may last for many days. This will mean food that is in a refrigerator or freezer may spoil as the temperature will increase. The best way to keep good cold will be to have bags of ice on hand. One way to have ice available is to fill freezer bags that lock and so not leak. Keep them in one or more freezer units to use whenever the power goes out.

Have Extra Gasoline

Individuals with a generator or are snowed in mean getting to a gas station may be difficult. Keeping a full gas container on hand will ensure gas is available for a couple of days. The best option for preparedness is to have a six gallon or bigger gas can filled for use during any power outage.

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