The Top Five Essential Survival Skills

By on September 23, 2013

Five essential survival skills that you need to know to survive in an emergency situation.

During any emergency / survival situation there are many factors that can lead to you staying alive.  Here at we believe that these are the top Five essential survival skills that you need to know to survive in an emergency situation.

1. Water – Where to get it and how to make it safe to drink.

The human body can stay alive for Three days without water, so finding a source of water is vital to your survival.  There are a few methods to finding water, If you are in a rainy environment then you can simply make something to catch the rain water and funnel it into a storage vessel.  If you aren’t in a rainy environment then I would suggest that you start looking for a Lake, River, or Stream. There are things you can do to make your own water out of thin air although they don’t product a lot of water, one way to do this is to make a hole in the ground and place a cup in the bottom.  Using a piece of plastic, cover the hole and secure it with rocks and dirt around the edges. Next place a small rock on top of the plastic so it has a dip in the middle.

The sun will cause condensation on the bottom of the plastic and it will then drip into the cup for you to drink.  You can also go out and look for a river, Lake, or Stream and use that as drinking water.  Be sure to purify it first or you may get sick,  you can either boil it or use chemicals to ensure it is safe to drink.  It is always best to have a good supply on hand at your home so you don’t have to go out looking for it.

2. Food – Where and How to get it

Storing up food for emergencies is the best way to ensure you will have food when a survival situation arises.  However of you are away from your food cache and find yourself in survival mode, you can still find food.  Keep in mind that the human body can survive for 3 weeks without food so food isn’t necessarily priority number one, although you will be physically tired and uncomfortable, you won’t die.  You can forage for edible plants, there are many out there if you know what to look for.  A fishing pole or an auto fisher will come in handy as well as a Snare Trap, while  you are out looking for plants you might catch something in one of your traps.

3. Shelter – How to make a shelter

Depending on where you are shelter can be a lifesaver, it can protect you from the heat of the sun or insulate you from the cold.  Here are a few simple shelter designs that can be made fairly quickly and easily.  Using a rope you can tie it to Two trees and hang a mylar blanket or plastic sheet over it and secure the ends of it to the ground using rocks.  This type of shelter works great when it is raining or snowing outside, it also provides shade from the sun.  Another type of shelter would be a tee-pee type shelter where you get 3-4 long branches and tie them together at the top, then starting from the bottom begin laying other branches, leaves, grasses and build it up to the top with each layer overlapping the one below it.

4. Fire – How to make a fire.

There are a few different ways to make a fire.  The obvious and easiest way would be to use a lighter or matches.  Magnesium fire starters are another fairly easy way to start a fire, you simply rub the magnesium strip against a steel striker and sparks will fly off which you aim towards your tinder.  You will need dry tinder to start your fire, and once its going you will need to feed it wood regularly to keep it going.

5. Security – How to protect yourself and your Family.

There are many different ways to stay safe and alive.  Obviously having a gun and ammo is the easiest way to get rid or potential threats, However if you are not a gun person there are other ways.  One would be to learn a form of martial arts so you can defend yourself in the event you are attacked.  You can also carry a knife or other weapon such as mace or a metal rod, a paracord bracelet can be fashioned into a trip line to stop people that are chasing you.  For those that aren’t fighters another way to ensure your families safety is simply to learn how to hide.  Hiding may be the best form of security since you will be avoiding conflict all together.

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